Welcome to the cabin …


Connected Courses Cohort … I welcome you to the cabin, because that is literally where I work. Everyday. In a log cabin in Arkansas (see picture on left).

Yes, it is the year 2014 … Ha! However, I have the distinct privilege to be on the ground floor of building a brand new online university. 

So here I am… with my work essentials: computer, coffee, ear buds, music and you: the larger ed tech community.  I am a big fan of the Siemen’s, Groom’s, Rheingold’s, and Levine’s of the world. I view the utility of this blog specifically for connecting with educational technology aficionados, students and instructors.  I believe in connection and connecting.  It has so many possibilities.

So as I embark on a new journey building this online university (my day job), considering new ways to connect faculty, students and learning …. I look forward to learning from everyone else in this course!

– Harriet